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The goal, according to the agenda, was to review draft ordinances for three code amendments that were discussed and presumably resolved at the Feb. 28 workshop. The code amendments are needed to comply with state legislation, SB 60, which killed the "use on review" category and requires counties to specify what uses are allowed in each zoning district.

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Grice also attempted to point out other changes, but the discussion bogged down as soon as he said the words, "affordable housing." That term brought the small audience to life, resulting in a lengthy discussion about the issue of accessory dwellings.

Although the document and other handouts were made available in advance, commissioner David Cozzens was surprised to learn that during the Feb. 28 workshop the commission had voted, after an hour's discussion with Cozzens present, to limit to three the number of lots a minor subdivision could contain.

Land use code updates stall in planning commission meeting

Accessory dwellings are small units, limited to 850 square feet. Often called "mother in law" apartments, they are not now allowed by the county's land use code.

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Although the agenda goal was not met, and although nobody was clear on what will be presented at a public hearing previously scheduled for Mar. 28, the commission decided to go ahead with that hearing. Members concluded they would hear from the public and then table the hearing for further work on the code amendments.

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Accessory dwellings can be attached to existing Gucci Dionysus Red Suede houses, built on top of garages, or built separately in side or back yards. An overriding requirement is that they must not look like an additional house where zoning only allows one home per lot.

After county council members pointed out that Moab city code allows accessory dwellings and has its code governing them all worked out, Grice agreed to incorporate the city's code into his draft code for review at the public hearing on Mar. 28.

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After deciding last month to hold a series of workshops aimed at clarifying land use code issues, the county planning commission seemed unprepared to take the next step at its second workshop on March 14.

Because there was no regular business to attend to the workshop was extended from one hour to nearly three hours. But, little if anything was clarified. At the end planning consultant Richard Grice lamented, "we've worked on code amendments for a year and haven't approved anything. It is very confusing."

Although Grice had provided a 71 page document, complete with balloons noting where and what changes had been made to items the commission had previously discussed, neither staff nor commission leadership were able focus members on a review of that document.

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The 71 page document describes a dozen base zone districts, their purpose, allowed uses, and standards. It provides examples and reasons, and includes a "use table" that summarizes what uses are allowed in each zone by right, what is allowed as a conditional use, and what is not allowed.

Everyone in the audience, including county council members Joette Langianese, Graham, and Gene Ciarus, had an opinion on maximum size, meter hookups, parking, allowable locations, and on and on. Sometimes discussions seemed to be two way interaction between an audience member and Grice. Much of the time people just spoke when the urge struck. Taylor attempt to channel the discussion, to no avail.

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As he attempted to focus members on a review of the document, Grice noted, for example, that there no longer is a watershed protection district. Instead there will be a watershed protection overlay that can apply to appropriate parts of all zoning districts.

After deciding they could not cancel a scheduled public hearing, the commissioners agreed to go ahead with it, even though they admitted they are not clear about what the hearing will present to the public. Commissioners agreed that after they hear what the public has to say they will table the public hearing while work continues on land use code amendments.

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Accessory dwellings are "the low hanging fruit for affordable housing," said county council member Audrey Graham. Because just about anybody could build one without having to go through a public review process the stock of low rent units could rise considerably. And they would be scattered all over the county so that low income people would not be concentrated.

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