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Kwan never seems to get in synch. He is off balance. He doesn't fire many power punches. What looked athletic and quick on the Chicago Avenue street corner appears clumsy and slow in the ring. The Wolfman, despite clear technical limitations, is determined and disciplined. He keeps defense in mind, holding his hands high, and Kwan can't get through.

At last, the bell rings, the fighters touch gloves, and it begins.

Kwan makes his way to the red corner dressing room. The walls are covered with xeroxed pieces of paper that read, "Please refrain from taking out your anger on our walls." Kwan would like to stick a fist through the Sheetrock. But he doesn't. A doctor enters the room and peers into his eyes with a flashlight. During the examination, Kwan is docile. He says he's fine.

few minutes, he just stands there in his underwear. People stop to offer consolations and encouragement. Kwan laughs, then gets serious, then laughs. What he really wants right now is a shower, but there are no showers at the Minnesota Sports Caf Since there is no shower at the Candy Palace, he'll probably have to go to Harbor Lights or one of the other downtown shelters. He doesn't feel like showering at Harbor Lights. He asks three more people whether there is a shower here. He gets the same answer each time.

´╗┐Kwan Manasseh Versus Himself

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He shucks off his boxing garb. For a Gucci Bags Design

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A left hook ends it one minute, four seconds into the fourth round. It doesn't seem that deadly. But it connects at the top of the temple. Kwan goes down hard. He stands up, wobbles, and gets tangled in the ropes. Fight over. The ACR fans go wild. The Wolfman is ecstatic.

At intermission, Kwan and the Wolfman greet each other in the red corner dressing room. It's not a real dressing room either. But unlike in the blue corner dressing room, at least there are walls and a door. The Wolfman is in high spirits, almost courtly in his overtures to Kwan. He makes an offer. Whatever happens, the Wolfman proposes that both fighters leave the door open for a rematch. Kwan is game. These days, any fight sounds good to him.

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When Kwan's time finally comes, he enters the ring wearing borrowed trunks and, in place of boxing shoes, regular sneakers. After the Wolfman does his ring walk, an electrical circuit trips and the lights die. There's a long break until finally the lights flash back. The announcer introduces him. When he says that Kwan is fighting out of Minneapolis, the crowd boos lustily. In Fridley, this makes him the out of town guy. The announcer introduces the Wolfman, and there is bedlam applause.

mandatory suspension of his license. Kwan has been suspended before, but for consecutive losses, not for a knockout. So how long, he asks. Sixty days, comes the answer. A few minutes later, he asks again. Sixty days, he's told.

Kwan is furious. He promised himself, If I get Gucci Handbags Brown Leather

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One by one, the problems get solved. As the fights draw nearer, Kwan is strangely tranquil. He mingles with other boxers and various fight world folk. He's been around, so he knows a lot of the guys. Before long, he bumps into Brian Sargent, the heavyweight who first introduced him to boxing at the Hennepin County workhouse. Sargent isn't fighting. He drove down from the Clickkeyword[White+Earth+Indian+Reservation]" >White Earth Reservation to supply some opponents for the card. He has brought three inexperienced native kids, who everyone in the know expects will get their asses beat. They will be fighting out of the blue corner. So will Kwan. The guys who are supposed to win tonight? They are fighting out of the red corner. Most of them train at the Anoka Clickkeyword[Coon+Rapids]" >Coon Rapids Gym. The Wolfman trains at ACR.

There's something else Kwan wants to know: How long will he be suspended from boxing? Under the rules of the Clickkeyword[Association+of+Boxing+Commissions]" >Association of Boxing Commissions, a fighter Gucci Bags Classic who gets knocked out faces a Gucci Bags

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When the preliminary fights commence, Kwan watches from the blue corner dressing room. It's not a room, actually, just a hallway with chairs and tables arranged to block out wandering fans. But it has a decent view of the action, which is a mix of spirited brawling and appalling mismatches. The three boxers from White Earth have an ugly run. In the first fight, the native kid, clearly a novice, is too brave and gets bloodied. The second White Earth kid is hopelessly obese and gets pole axed by a muscle bound tax resistor. The third Brian Sargent Jr. has an asthma attack and quits on his stool. And so it goes. The crowd is lusty and partisan. They root for anyone from Anoka County.

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In the second round, there is a long delay when Kwan's protective cup comes undone. It falls on Peterson and a corner man to reposition the cup without removing Kwan's trunks. At the bell signaling the end of the round, Kwan lets out a bellow of frustration. He doesn't know what else to do. The outcome starts to feel more obvious. After the third round, the Wolfman and his ACR buddies are celebrating, even though the fight is scheduled for six. In the corner, Kwan looks beaten, like a guy who better find another line of work.

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knocked down, I'm taking my time getting up. I'm taking an eight count. And then what does he do? Pops off the canvas without taking an eight count. Damn. Damn. Damn. Motherfucker.

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